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Amazon Consulting

Amazon Consulting

We help managing all of Amazon’s complexity from sales, pricing, product performance, content, promotions and more.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Combining our Amazon experience, processes and proprietary software, we are experts assessing and optimizing AMS campaigns, establishing promotion cycles, increasing brand and product traffic leading to conversion.

Brand Building

Brand Building

Our founders and consultants are either former Amazonians or industry experts with a successful track record in building brands inside and outside the Amazon ecosystem.

Amazon Consultant

ADEN Branding focuses on the health and beauty (professional, luxury and mass) categories on Amazon.  We offer full Amazon account management services because we can implement our 3 step process to ensure both your margin and sales are increasing using our 3 step process:

  1. Brand Protection & Enhancement
  2. Brand Marketing
  3. Brand Velocity – Key to Brand Growth on Amazon

ADEN Branding represents your brand and we are paid on perform and not false promises.  We are numbers based organization – Contact Us today and we can do a full sales & growth analysis of your brand.


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Company News

Becoming Retail Ready on Amazon

As Amazon continues to make a bigger splash in the advertising game, brands are learning how to navigate the waters in order to maximize conversions and ultimately maximize their investments. There are many tactics a brand can take to drive more traffic to their products on Amazon such as Amazon Advertising through Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Brand Stores are to name a few. But for now, let’s take a step back and talk about the first thing a brand needs to do before investing in advertising on Amazon. A brand should start by optimizing the pages that house the product information so they’re ready for all of the traffic they’ll be receiving and are optimized towards conversion. Amazon calls this being retail ready. This information is going to be covered by Denny Smolinski in his class at CosmoProf North American called: “Navigating Amazon: Control Your Own Brand’s Destiny“ What Does […]

Amazon Professional Beauty

What is Amazon Professional Beauty?

Licensed stylists can now conveniently source professional-use beauty products on Amazon Business. Amazon Business launched the Amazon Professional Beauty Store to offer professional stylists, barbers, and estheticians a convenient, custom shopping experience with great selection. Discover top professional-use products in the new store from brands like Wella Color Charm, RUSK, and OPI Professional, plus other beauty supplies typically found in salons and spas. “Changing is happening now in the Professional Beauty Industry by using technology for greater efficiencies and customer demands” – Denny Smolinski “We are pleased to offer those in the professional beauty industry even more selection through the convenient shopping experience our customers love on Amazon Business,” said Steve Kann, Director of Customer Driven Experience, Amazon Business. “Stylists can find more of what they need at great prices with convenient delivery options, freeing up their time to focus on what’s important: their customers.” Many professional stylists work independently and purchase a […]

amazon provision for receivable

What is Provision for Receivable and how does it affect your business with Amazon?

Have you looked at your invoices and noticed a deductions from Amazon that says: PROVISION FOR RECEIVABLE. Provisions/Risk = Receivables – Payables from Amazon perspective. Over the next 12-24 months Amazon is going to be pushing Vendors that are not performing at a certain sales or growth number into Seller Central. Let me repeat this again – yes Vendors are going to be pushed into Seller Central. Look at some of the facts: Provision for Receivable – this is protect their position and ensure they receive their money because you all of sudden make a switch from Vendor Central to Seller Central – Amazon is out money that you owe them. AMS or now Amazon Marketing has all of the same marketing features for both Vendor and Seller accounts. Seller Central now has all of the self-service features that Vendor Central has. Provisions for receivables are temporary credit memos that Amazon […]