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Amazon Consulting

Amazon Consulting

We help managing all of Amazon’s complexity from sales, pricing, product performance, content, promotions and more.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Combining our Amazon experience, processes and proprietary software, we are experts assessing and optimizing AMS campaigns, establishing promotion cycles, increasing brand and product traffic leading to conversion.

Brand Building

Brand Building

Our founders and consultants are either former Amazonians or industry experts with a successful track record in building brands inside and outside the Amazon ecosystem.

Amazon Consultant

ADEN Branding expertise and focus is only on the the beauty categories of:

  • Professional Beauty Brands
  • Luxury Beauty Brands
  • Retail Beauty
  • Indie Beauty

We offer full Amazon account management services because we can implement our 3 step process to ensure both your margin and sales are increasing using our 3 step process:

  1. Brand Protection & Enhancement
  2. Brand Marketing
  3. Brand Velocity – Key to Brand Growth on Amazon

ADEN Branding represents your brand and we are paid on perform and not false promises.  We are numbers based organization – Contact Us today and we can do a full sales & growth analysis of your brand.


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Company News

Luxury & Professional Beauty

Amazon Luxury & Professional Beauty Now Open To 3P Sellers

Updated: 10-17-19 – There are some other perks of being part of the Amazon 3P Luxury or Professional Beauty that we are not able to talk about in this article but I encourage you to reach out to us. For selling on the Amazon marketplace, you basically have two choices. You can either become a first-party seller (1P) and sell directly to Amazon or become a third party seller (3P) and sell to customers. Over the course of 20 years, something remarkable and strange has happened. Between the two models, surprisingly, the third party sellers have grown rapidly compared to retail. Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos, in his annual letter to shareholders, noted that third-party sellers have increased from a whopping 3% to 58% of the total merchandise sales. Not just that, recently, there have been many cases when vendors (1P) are switching to sellers (3P) to get more control over the […]

amazon luxury beauty agency or in house team

Should I Hire an In-house Amazon Team Or Amazon Agency?

Becoming an Amazon Seller is not easy – this is something companies learn as soon as they list their first product. Handling everything from building a brand presence to growing revenue is tough to do as a one-man-band. Although there are several options to consider when it comes to managing your Amazon business, the two most popular are (a) working with an Amazon Consultancy Agency and (b) building your in-house team of Amazon experts. Some choose the DIY approach while others consider handing off the tasks to experts and spend money rather than investing time. Because of attractive benefits like security and cost-effectiveness, many of them choose to build a team of experts. I think this is a perfectly fine option as long as sellers are aware of the pros and cons of doing so. Pros & Cons Of An In-house Amazon Team: PROS: In depth knowledge of your own […]

Amazon Attribution

What is Amazon Attribution?

Amazon Attribution Program – Get A Deep Insight Of Your Off-Amazon Ad Campaigns Everyone knows that Amazon encourages sellers to bring external traffic to their product listing pages. But most advertisers who run off-Amazon campaigns face a common and significant issue: how to measure the performance of those campaigns. They have the data for when a customer clicks on the ad and reaches to Amazon. But no one knows what happened after that. Did the customer purchase or left? The launch of the Amazon Attribution program has answers to all such questions. Amazon Attribution – The What, When & How? What: Amazon Attribution Beta is a self-service, web-based program that helps you to measure your advertising performance across different media platforms off Amazon. This advertisement measuring solution allows advertisers to get a deep insight into how their off Amazon traffic generation activities and marketing tactics are contributing to shopping activity. These […]