Our Approach

ADEN Branding is a Full Service Amazon Agency for both 1st Party (Vendor Central) and 3rd Party (Seller Central) with our primary focus in the beauty category.

At ADEN Branding, we believe that our success is primarily driven by our capacity to pay special emphasis on Leadership, Sales and Customer Service.  We will strive to treat your company and brand as we are owners of the same,  this approach allows us align our goals to yours and never sacrifice long term investments in order to gain short term goals. We simplify Amazon practices and always changing processes in a way it’s manageable and easy to track. This methodology leads to sale improvements and ideal communication between, your company, Amazon and ADEN Branding.

About the Founder

Denny Smolinski

Denny has been involved in eCommerce with his specialty being in the beauty and professional beauty industry the past 10+ years.   He has sold brands via 3rd party for many years and also developed his own brand of products to also sell on Amazon.  He understands the pain points that most manufacturers deal with on a daily basis.  His experience and knowledge of Amazon allows him to make informed data driven decisions to ensure ADEN Branding’s clients are always a step a head of the competition.

Denny uses he vast experience and knowledge of Amazon to help other brands grow their business on Amazon.  Here is his experience:

  • He was an early seller of professional beauty products online through is own website and on Amazon via 3rd Party (Seller Central).
  • He created his own brands of products (which is hard btw)
  • He has received a patent for a product he designed
  • He created his own professional brand which were sold through large distribution channels.
  • He created his own retail brand which was sold through his own website, on (3rd party) and to (1st party) Amazon.
  • He was on HSN (Home Shopping Network) promoting his retail product (you have to ask him for the Youtube video – LOL)
  • He has vast experience and know of B to C and B to B eCommerce and using digital marketing to promote and grow brands

In summary – Denny has done it all from unloading trucks at 11pm on a Friday, to answering customer service emails on weeks/vacation, to operating a business with tight cash flows.  He understands the ins, outs and daily struggles of a small to large sized business.

Denny now works with medium to large beauty brands to help control and exponentially grow sales in the Amazon ecosystem globally.  His process oriented thinking helps ensure companies are the most efficient when doing business with Amazon.

Denny holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.