The Truth About Amazon Questions

Amazon Q&A: Questions about Amazon Luxury Beauty – Learn the Truths Today

Based in Seattle, WA – ADEN Branding is a Full Service Amazon Brand Representation Organization that is based on Numbers and Not Promises.

Are you looking for the Real Answers from a former Amazon Beauty Executive on how to grow your business in the Amazon ecosystem Globally?

Questions a Beauty Brand may ask:

  1. How to remove 3 party sellers?
  2. How do I increase my sales?
  3. How do I grow my brand on Amazon?
  4. Should I be selling direct versus using 3rd party sellers?
  5. Are 3rd party sellers growing my brand?
  6. How much money am I really losing by using 3rd party sellers?
  7. Amazon is discounting my product and I don’t trust them – is that the Truth?

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Amazon Beauty Consultants

Anderson Salgado is a former Amazon Executive that lead the Professional and Luxury Beauty categories for both US and Canada.  Denny Smolinski is a eCommerce and digital marketing guru with a deep understand of the beauty and professional beauty industry.

What ADEN Branding Does:
We handle your entire Amazon business including: brand protection, detail page optimization, organic placement, marketing, and overall growth strategy.

Does your Amazon Product Listing look like this with a 100+ Sellers?

ADEN Removed all 3rd party sellers and formed a direct relationship with Amazon.

Results: 1st Party Direct relationship with Amazon, 60% increased margin and 450% sales growth in 6 months.

Why ADEN Branding:
We are a full service organization so we are able to implement our 3 step process for your best opportunity for success growth globally within the Amazon ecosystem.  No need to hire multiple companies that are segmented and don’t communicate with a common growth goal for your organization – Increase both Sales and Revenue.

ADEN Brand 3 Step Process for Amazon Success:

  1. Brand Protection & Enhancement
  2. Brand Marketing
  3. Brand Velocity – Key to Brand Growth on Amazon

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Amazon Beauty Consultants


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