ADEN Consulting is a top tier Amazon Sales Consulting Company.  We serve every size and type company and brands, from startups to fortune 100.

Brand Evaluation

AT ADEN, we help brands figure out their sales trends, missed sales and growth rate on Amazon.  Before we suggest any solution, we asses your brand and create a short and long term strategies to stay or exceed target every time.

Pricing and Distribution Channels

With the assistance of our inventory tools, we analyse and correct current inventory levels, rate of inventory turns, Out of Stock (OOS) rate, Buy Box % (BB%), sale forecast and more importantly protect your brand against counterfeit, wrong MSRPs and unauthorized content.

Branding, Content and Marketing

Our catalog team and proprietary software will help you enhance your detail pages, assess the efficacy of your images, text and keywords while we set in motion advertising campaigns that truly increase your products’ discoverability and conversion.


At ADEN, we create and provide a step-by-step strategy that includes timelines, product recommendation, negotiate cost/agreements, marketing and promotion investments along with a collaborate plan to implement such strategies.


Once the strategy is created, the plan built and the foundation set, we implement them.  Even though most companies/brands have this established, when dealing with Amazon brands often get carried away with tasks that do not help the bottom line.  At ADEN we are experts at successfully completing the plan.

Account Management

At ADEN, we handle all tasks from A to Z, this includes routinary work like weekly reporting, sale performance, set new products, optimize existing products, implement selling policies, revise product listings, police pricing and much more.