amazon influencer marketing

How To Find The Right Influencer For Promoting Your Amazon Products In 2020

amazon influencer marketing

Right from launching new products to promoting existing products on Amazon, influencer marketing is an excellent way for brands to enhance their marketing efforts. It can bring a quick and noticeable win for your products, which is why “influencer marketing” has become one of the biggest buzzwords of the decade in digital marketing. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the stats:

  • 92% of customers trust recommendation from individual above any other form of advertising
  • Influencer marketing generates about 11 times the ROI of traditional digital marketing
  • According to Forbes, Influencer marketing is growing faster than digital ads

Why is Every Amazon Brand After Influencer Marketing?

How to find an Amazon Influencer
How to find an Amazon Influencer

The beauty of influencer marketing is that the audience is already there. You can be confident that you are advertising your product in front of the audience who are actually looking for your product, this doubles the chances of your product being sold. So the ROI is always positive. If you are selling protein shakes and fitness supplements and if you are able to find an influencer who is focusing their content on fitness, workouts, etc. then you can assume that the majority of their audience will be interested in buying your product.

Usually, in digital advertising, you are supposed to define your target market and then advertise using a specific strategy, but while you choose influencer marketing, all you have to do is finding the right influencer because the audience will already be interested in anything the influencer posts. You don’t have to spend additional dollars on testing, finding and convincing the target audience because the influencer has already fostered this audience.

So we all agree influencer marketing is the in-thing right now and you are ready to jump in the bandwagon. The question is, “How to find the right influencer?” Many Amazon sellers don’t realize this, but finding a social media influencer isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

How To Find The Right Influencer?

While looking for influencers, you need to basically focus on two things: Quality and Relevance. Their content should be high quality + thoughtful and their following should be real. There are people who buy followers and scam the brands into thinking that they are an influencer with so and so million followers. One of the best ways to check the authenticity is using websites like:

Just run a quick search for the influencer and look at their analytics. This will help you understand whether their following is real or not. For example, if the analytics tell you that they have received thousands of likes on their posts, but their engagement is below 2%, then it means that they have paid for likes. Same goes for the number of followers. If they have got thousands of followers but a few hundred likes, then there is a possibility that they have paid followers too.

Breaking The Myth
Usually, it is believed that the more the number of followers, the better are the results of your advertising campaign. But this is not always true. Influencers that have 1K-5K followers tend to have better and higher engagement than those who have hundreds of thousands or millions of followers. Take a look at the below image on a survey conducted by Phlanx.

amazon influencer marketing stats

Accounts with 1K-5K followers have most engagement on their posts, meaning people leave more comments, their posts get a lot more saves, inquires, etc. To check the engagement rates, you can use the following:

You can type the name of the influencers and let the website compare the followers, engagements, likes and provide a percentage and quality score of their profile. This will help you narrow down the list of your influencers so that you can choose the correct influencer with the help of data-driven decisions.

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing An Influencer

One thing you need to make sure while working with the influencers is that you cannot pay them for leaving a review. This is against Amazon’s TOS and it can get your account suspended. You should be paying influencers for promoting your product and driving traffic to your Amazon listing. If they want to leave a review on their own, that’s fine.

You also want to make sure that the influencers are letting their audience know that they are promoting your product. Whenever the influencer is doing a paid promotion for the products, it is required to let the audience know that it is an Ad or their post may be flagged or taken down. If their caption or way of speaking is unclear, it could prove to be a big loss for you.

Final Thoughts
If you want to up your off-Amazon advertising game in the year 2020, then influencer marketing should be at the top of your list. Find the best social media influencer for your brand and you are already a winner. Hope this guide will help you choose the perfect influencer for your business. All the best for your search and don’t forget to track the performance and check how well it worked for your brand.


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