Protect Your Brand on Amazon with Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry is a program designed to give brand owners increased control of their products on Amazon. The program’s biggest benefit for manufacturers is the direct influence they have on their detail pages. In this post, we’re going to discuss what the program allows brands to do, why brands should consider using it, and what are some of its limitations.

Why enroll your brand in the Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry helps you protect your registered trademarks on Amazon and create an accurate and trusted experience for customers.

Your enrollment in the Amazon Brand Registry provides access to powerful tools including proprietary text and image search, predictive automation based on your reports of suspected intellectual property rights violations, and increased authority over product listings with your brand name.

Enroll now so your brand and Amazon can work together to reduce potential intellectual property rights violations and promote an accurate representation of your brand on Amazon.

The Rundown on Amazon Brand Registry

What a manufacturer gets with Brand Registry?

  • Increased control over product detail pages, such as titles, details and images
  • The ability to list products with different product identifications outside of UPC and EAN codes

Who can apply for enrollment in Brand Registry?

  • Manufacturers or brand owners
  • Distributors, resellers and people with written permission from a brand owner or manufacturer to manage a product’s detail page on Amazon

How can manufacturers enroll in the Brand Registry program?

Manufacturers and brand owners must apply to be considered for the program. Amazon is pretty clear about what is needed before an application can be submitted.

Here are things you must include with your application:

  • An image of the product’s packaging with the branding clearly visible
  • An image of the product itself with the branding clearly visible
  • A link to the brand’s website (make sure there are images of the brand and the products with the branding clearly visible)

Amazon asks that manufacturers and brand owners provide a unique product identifier when enrolling in the program. The identifiers need to be easily discoverable on the package, product, website and catalog. Identifiers need to be consistent and unchanging.

Identifiers include:

  • Manufacturer/Brand
  • Manufacturer part number
  • Model number
  • Catalog number
  • Style number

Why Would a Manufacturer or Brand Consider Using the Brand Registry Program?

Besides being able to influence detail page content to a greater extent, the best argument as to why a brand owner should enroll in the program is expedite the process of removing counterfeit listings. But it doesn’t make brand owners and manufacturers impervious to counterfeiters. Amazon says “Enrolling a brand in the Brand Registry and registering as the brand owner does not prevent other sellers from selling the branded products.”

So how can you leverage the program to your advantage?

Brand owners and manufacturers can expedite the process of removing a counterfeit or inauthentic product from a listing because they can easily prove to Amazon that they own the brand. Counterfeit listings are an extremely common problem for popular brands or sellers with higher sales velocity.

Removing fraudulent sellers from a listing isn’t as big of a hassle for a brand if the seller is using FBA. By being on the Brand Registry, a seller can prove if someone has counterfeited a product quicker because of the previous work of registering a brand on Amazon is done. Best of all, Amazon will dispose of any counterfeit inventory if the seller is using FBA. Unfortunately, non-FBA sellers can hop back on a listing after they’ve been removed by opening up another seller account with a different name.


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